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The *New* Serenityhealth!

It’s finally here! After a long wait and much hard work, has leapt into the 21st century. We’re proud to announce the launch of the new website!

When we started all those years ago, the web was a fledgling medium, untried but with enormous potential. Back then, e-commerce was a half-understood buzzword and web technology was cumbersome and rather esoteric.

We have always felt that the world needed a helping hand in its eternal endeavor to relax and enjoy life, so we set up our website, featuring fountains and products to assist in relaxation and stress relief. Our products were well received, and our site was very successful. And for the time, it was cutting edge technology.

Well, as the old adage about the shoe maker goes, in an effort to meet our customer’s needs and satisfy their desire for specialized water fountains and relaxation products, we had little time to for a much needed web site over-haul. But as our organization grew, our processes became more streamlined and over nearly ten years, maintained our reputation for customer satisfaction through hands-on customer service, and quality products.

Several months ago, we began the monumental task of upgrading our website. With more than 600 relaxation and stress relief products, ranging from aromatherapy, incense and candles, to bean bags and foam furniture to our vast selection of water fountains, you can imagine it was no easy task.

One of our major challenges was how to organize and categorize our array of water fountains. The varieties are almost endless, and in an effort to make the user experience efficient and easy, we had to put some serious thought into it.

Another concern we had was making sure our customers knew it was still us. We’ve grown to enjoy the connection we have with our customers. We wanted a new, updated website that still felt like the old one: comfortable, friendly, caring.

Well, with the help of the folks at, we got that and more. The new site is completely database-driven. That means we’re able to update it more frequently, faster and easier, allowing us to make great new products available in a timely manner.

We’ve always had a secure, safe ordering system (perhaps the only aspect of the site we didn’t neglect in those years), but now we’ve made it easier than ever to search view and order products. We’ve also spent hours upon hours gathering the best product images available so our customers know exactly what they are ordering. Even with highly skilled and experienced specialists, this was no small task.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing several new water fountain lines and much more! So, take some time to visit our new website, click around, let us know what you think. We want to know what you like and dislike about our new site!
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