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Spring Time Water Fountains

In selecting a water fountain, one must consider three major factors. These factors are: placement, intent and cost.

Last thing’s first. Cost. This can be an incredibly prohibitive factor. With unlimited resources there is no doubt that anyone can get the perfect water fountain, either by the whim of fate or by custom ordering from an artisan who specialized in fountains. However, for the vast majority of us, unlimited resources are realistic. So before your begin your water fountain purchasing odyssey, set a price ceiling and stick to it. You’ll be much happier with a fountain within your budget than one studded with diamonds that will break the bank. Fountains range in complexity and cost from less than $100.00 to, literally, thousands of dollars, so knowing what your want in a water fountain and how much you are willing to spend for it is crucial.

Next consider your intent. Why are you buying a water fountain? Most people purchase water fountains to add an element of natural motion to their gardens, greenhouses or patios. Many people find flowing water relaxing. Some people enjoy the effect moisture has on air. Others like to attract fauna with promise of a free drink. What ever your purpose, define it, and your search for the perfect water fountain or water feature will be much easier.

The final consideration when purchasing a fountain is placement. Where are you putting this fountain? If it’s inside, is it a sturdy shape that won’t easily be knocked about by pets or children? If outside, does the water fountain need power or plumbing? If so, can you provide easy access to those things? The perfect fountain is significantly less perfect with a bright orange power-cord running across your perfectly manicured lawn. Also, when considering placement, think about construction materials. Is your patio made of red brick? Will a grey or brown fountain look better on that surface? Most fountains are designed blend in aesthetically to most garden and patio environments. But do yourself a favor. Take a photo of the fountain and hold it up to your final placement location. Ask yourself honestly, how does it look?

With all the varieties of fountains out there, wading through the hundreds (literally) of options might seem like a daunting task. Find yourself a website that you trust and sit down and do some research. Look for a business that’s been around for a while. Tip offs to great customer service are things like testimonials and easy to find contact information. Be aware of return policies and guarantees. A great place to start your search is here.
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