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Tabletop Fountains ... indoors or out!

Tabletop water fountains aren't just for the indoors you know. For example, the Water Bell Water Fountain looks great in a garden setting, beside a walk way, or in any number of less conspicuous locations. The amazing Water Bell Fountain combines flowing babbling brook water sounds with the beautiful, deep mesmerizing tones of chimes and bells. The water bubbles up through the two center bells, spilling over into the pool of water in the beautiful copper basin. The durable copper basin is beautifully made, and goes through a special "firing" process to give it that aged patina look (as shown in the picture above). In addition, there is a protective coating applied to give the copper an extra protection against the weather elements, if you chose to keep this fountain outdoors. If it is kept outdoors, it is possible that over time, and especially in harsh weather environments, that protective coating can wear off a bit, and the worst that will happen is that parts of the copper may get a greenish antique tint called Verdigris. This will not weaken the copper basin in any way, and it will not affect the workings of the fountain. The top bell chime is adjustable. By slightly turning it right or left, you can adjust the water flow and water sounds to match your mood. You can even adjust it so that the water spills over in such a way as to NOT move the bell chimes around. This changes the water flow (and water sounds), and it also eliminates the bell chime sounds if you are not in the mood for them. So, you have several options with the water flow, water sounds and bell chime sounds. The Water Bell fountain is excellent as an indoor fountain anywhere in your home, or as an outdoor fountain on your porch, deck or garden area. A huge hit at your next garden party.

Imagine one of our gorgeous alabarstrite fountains gracing your patio or deck area, or perhaps on the way to your greenhouse. These elegant and beautifully designed classic European style tabletop water fountains feature goddesses, cherubs, dragons, and every one creates soothing water sounds. One of the things we've noticed over the years is that no one really understands the soothing and relaxation qualities of running water, especially in water fountains.



 Other options include our delightful hand crafted ceramic water fountains. These water fountains feature gorgeous designs and will add elegance and beauty to any room you place them in, whether it be in your home, office or even our on the patio. Many have a built-in ceramic vase and accent lighting. This huge collection of tabletop water fountains are also excellent for practitioners of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the chinese philosophy of balance, elemental and spatial relationships in the living environment. Water fountains add an element of earth and water, some times even fire! They symbolize rebirth, rejuvenation and create a feeling of motion and mutability.

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