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A Garden Rennaisance

Add that old world feel to your backyard, garden or green house with the perfect, stylized water fountain. Depending on your need, the size of the area you with to enhance, there are a variety of wall fountains, water fountains and water features available.

Some of the most popular water fountains are the classic wall fountains like the one shown on the left. The Classic Sandstone offers old world charm coupled with modern technology. This magnificent lightweight European style wall fountain, with its beautiful detailed design, is perfect for any outdoor garden setting or indoor environment. Made from strong DuRock fiberglass with a stunningly realistic sandstone finish, it is so durable, it can withstand any type of outdoor climate. The water flows out of the sculpted flourish in the center of the wall, onto the decorative shelf, and then flows down into the pool of water in the main basin, making tranquil, soothing waterfall sounds. Included is a quiet, adjustable flow water pump that plugs into any 3-prong electrical outlet. The sandstone finish can vary a bit from fountain to fountain. So your fountain may not look exactly like what you see here, but it will be very close, and very beautiful.

The Venetian Water Fountain offers old-world charm and practicality to your modern setting, be it a garden or patio.
All Trevi water fountains are made of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) to outlast traditional cast stone at a substantial weight savings. You will surely enjoy the serenity and beauty these fountains create. The Trevi color pallet offers many options for the look of your fountain. You can select your choice of colors from the drop box for any of these fountains.
The Trevi craftsmen have perfected the use of composite materials with all the genuine texture and appearance of stone to provide you with products of superior value and ease of installation.

This elegant Classic style floor fountain is excellent for most any outdoor setting, and can be used indoors, preferably on non-carpeted floors. It is made of durable high quality Alabastrite (see below for details). The water flows out from the very top of the fountain and cascades down into the pool of water in the upper tier and then into the larger pool of water in the basin. The cascading waterfall sounds are so relaxing and soothing. This fountain is a classic beauty that will bring you much joy for Included is a quiet adjustable-flow water pump that plugs into most any electrical outlet. Made from Alabastrite, a poly-resin stone-based material that is cold cast and molded to an intricately detailed design. It also allows finishes to adhere to it very well. This fountain has a beautiful Ivory hand finish and is strong and durable.

Of course, the selection and variety doesn’t stop there. has still more classic and old world style water fountains, as well as a whole slew of modern and contemporary designs that bring together the colors and textures of the past with an up-to-date sensibility.
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