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Summertime is the perfect time for Solar Fountains!

If you've ever wanted to be able to set up an outdoor fountain without having to worry about running long electrical cords all over the place, now you can do that with any of these beautiful Solar Fountains. With the solar panel that is included, solar fountains run on pure solar energy with no need of electricity.

Any of these solar fountains will bring joy to you and your environment for many years. These solar fountains tend to attract birds, which is eat bugs and are beautiful and graceful in their own, compounding the joy of your garden experience.

These solar fountains use a small solar panel to collect natural, free, energy to power their pumps. These environmentally safe water fountains can be easily relocated from garden to patio or deck. Some even offer optional electrical pumping systems for extremely cloudy days or indoor use.

One of the great things about these solar fountains in the sheer variety of styles and designs. As far as water features go, the solar fountains are one of the most diverse groups.

For example, the image above is a gorgeous hand crafted multi-tier Terracotta solar fountain. It can be used anywhere outdoors without any electricity. Using state of the art solar panel and solar pump technology, power is supplied to the fountain from natural outdoor sun and light. A 10 ft. solar cable is included. The 6 volt solar pump in the bottom basin continuously circulates the water up to the top pitcher, where the water cascades down the levels into the pool of water in the basin, making sweet, soothing water sounds. This fountain includes everything you need, is self contained and needs no installation. A great design that will last for years. The latest solar panel and solar pump technology is utilized for the absolute best possible performance. A 10 ft. solar cable is included that runs from the solar panel to the solar pump in the fountain. Also included is a solar panel holder that gives you options for positioning your solar panel. No need for any tools or any kind of installation. The panel does not store power. It works only from direct sunlight and bright outdoor light. An AC Adaptor is included at NO Extra Charge, so you can operate this fountain through a regular AC electrical outlet. This adapter is for INDOOR USE ONLY.

This water fountain, the Green Ceramic Solar Cascade Fountain, is very similar to the terra cotta, feature-wise. However it boasts a vibrant green color, a perfect fit accent to any garden or greenhouse.

It's of course a little redundant to point it out, but with rising energy costs, these solar water fountains maker perfect sense!
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